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At Vision Sign Group, we pride ourselves on the dynamic combination of advanced technology and the expertise of our dedicated team. Powered by VIPR, our industry-specific project management software, we have harnessed the power of automation and intelligent features to streamline our operations. This powerful tool empowers our team, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively while delivering exceptional results for our clients.


Behind the scenes, our software engineer plays a crucial role in programming the intricate functionalities of VIPR. Supported by our talented development team, they work collaboratively to bring our VISION to life. By leveraging their technical expertise and innovation, we have created a software solution that caters specifically to the unique needs of the sign industry.

Our industry-specific project management software is meticulously designed to optimize processes, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity within our organization.

Weekly Reporting PPR (Program Project Report)

A PPR is distributed every week to all Client Partners regardless of how many or how few active projects are currently in process.

Vision Milestones Animation

Front End Milestones

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1 Business Day
5-7 Business Days
3 Business Days
2 Business Days
Submitted for Client Approval
Project Started
- Code Check
- Landlord Contracts
- Site Survey
Sign Package

Back End Milestones

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Approval Received from Client
15-30 Business Days
15 Business Days
3 Business Days
3-5 Business Days

Dependent on local township


Project Complete

When you’re a part of Vision, you’re never in the dark!

We proactively strive to be the most trusted team nation-wide for every facet of signage and branding needs, with a widely-known reputation for excellence.

From our initial connection with you, we make your priorities our priorities. At each step in our process of design, development, manufacturing, and installation, with top-notch project management throughout, we protect the integrity of your brand with the tenacity of a team truly invested in your company.

We are in a constant state of growth, seeking to shift the industry around us with our unparalleled service, cutting-edge management software, and innovative solutions.

It’s not enough for us to simply talk the talk - we let our vision fuel our actions

Vision Sign Group Logo

Corporate Headquarters
358 E Grafton Road, Fairmont, WV 26554
Phone: 304.366.3021

Regional Offices
Washington, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania

International Office
South America - Chile

Vision Sign Group is a national sign company with an unlimited reach across the United States. Regardless of your footprint or geographical location, we got you covered.

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