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Problem-Solving 101: Part 1!

So, it hit the fan.

A thing you didn’t see coming, something completely out of your control, or a detail you might have even attempted to prevent with good planning – it happened. There is a problem. Something went wrong. Despite it being a way of life and a completely normal aspect of a business, when problems pop up, it’s stressful. Our first instinct can occasionally be to panic and back away from it.  

We’ve been there. And we’re here to talk you through our proven problem-solving method. We confidently work through issues and the unknown by following these steps, and we want to share them with you. You can do this. 


First, take a deep breath. The unforeseen is real and happens to all of us. Be sure to take a step back to pause and clear your head. Give yourself some grace. Mistakes and failures happen, and you can’t always plan for every single detail. As they say, life happens. And you’re going to figure this out. See this as an opportunity to show up big! Shift your mindset to this goal. In our experience, when we’ve been able to take something that went wrong and completely turn it around, our partners felt taken care of and valued. Cultivating this skill builds trust with the people who depend on you. 

Gather the facts.

After you’ve taken your pause, it’s time to assess what really happened. As my mentor and VP of Vision Sign Group, Kevin, likes to put it, you look at three things immediately: What’s happened, what’s happening now, and what should happen next? The ‘what’s happened’ is your fact-gathering process. The key is to gather this information without judgment. Avoid pointing fingers and casting blame, it will only slow you down and cloud your mindset of turning this situation into something positive. Plus, this can make your situation even more stressful. Make phone calls, write everything down, get your things together. It’s time to make a plan. 

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